Why US airline passengers aren’t happy?

US airline: Airports are full, travel is full, and US air travel is back in full swing. But the return to heaven after the pandemic was not entirely smooth: passengers seem to be behaving worse than before, cancellations are felt more frequent and planes are flying at prices as fuel prices rise.
It should come as no surprise that passenger satisfaction with U.S. airlines is declining overall, at least according to a 2022 North American Airline Satisfaction Study by consumer research firm JD Power.
A JD Power report suggests that customers are frustrated with the price of the ticket, the performance of the flight crew, and even the aircraft they board – regardless of whether they choose a travel economy, a premium economy, or a business.
The study found the overall satisfaction of American Airlines passengers at 798 out of 1,000, which is 20 points less than in last year’s report. However, some planes got over the report. Southwest Airlines economy class rated 849 points, while JetBlue won in the premium economy (851 points) and first / business (878 points).
Michael Taylor, head of travel news at JD Power, said the overall decline in US passenger satisfaction was not “bad news”, suggesting that airlines could learn from the results and improve their offerings.
“If airlines can find ways to manage these growing volumes while making some small changes that will help passengers feel more valued, they must manage this return to ‘normal,'” Taylor said in a statement.
The results of the North American Airline Satisfaction Study last year showed that American travelers enjoyed some unexpected flight benefits during the pandemic: fewer passengers, and more low-cost flights. and ticket flexibility. Taylor suggested that the comparison between Covid’s long flights and travel today is behind the decline in satisfaction this year.
“Fewer passengers means more space on planes, less waiting in line, and more attention from flight attendants. But this business model is still unsustainable,” he said.
Some carriers, such as American Airlines, have recently sold alcohol on board. According to JD Power, a limited offer of spirits can cause customer dissatisfaction.

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