Kim Kardashian has a huge fan following on social media, she surprised her fans by relaunching a skin brand.

41-year-old Kim Kardashian has bought her own private jet and Kim has made it of her own choice.

Before the jet took off, Kim Kardashian took a video call to her fans and boyfriend to take a tour of her new jet.

Kim Kardashian's jet has a king size bed, bathrooms at the front and rear of the jet, very comfortable seats and a charging point on each seat, and an amazing interior.

Kim Kardashian is very happy after buying this private jet, she still can't believe that she owns a jet.

Kim Kardashian has described this jet as her dream home.

Kim Kardashian is traveling in it with her friends and they have named it Kim Air.

The model of this plan is Gulfstream G65OER, the base price of this plane is $95 million.

किम ने शुरुआत से ही इस प्लेन को अणि पसंदीदा चीज़ो के साथ बनवाया है।