Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy got married in the year 2019 and they have now announced that they are going to be parents soon.

Jenna Johnson decided that she would give this news to Val Chmerkovskiy in a unique way. Including dancing shoes.

Jenna Johnson, 28, shares that she's making things easy even before baby arrives.

Jenna Johnson believes that 36-year-old Val Chmerkovskiy would make a good father.

Jenna Johnson told about Val Chmerkovskiy that he is a selfless and a most loving person.

Val Chmerkovskiy takes care of the smallest things, these characteristics make him stand out and should be in a good father.

Jenna told that whenever she sees Val with a small child, she is very happy because everyone likes Val.

Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy's first child is expected in January 2023.

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