Based on a true story, the program explores the events that lead up to Candy's real-life killing of Betty.

On June 13, 1980, Betty Gore - an elementary school teacher - was found dead by her neighbors Lester Gaylor and Richard Parker

What happened to Candy Montgomery?

Betty's body was found mutilated with 41 ax wounds and the murder weapon was found in the Texas

The evidence of fingerprints and footprints found at the crime scene led to her other neighbor,

Candy, and her arrest on June 27, 1980 - she was charged with Betty's murder.

The killer further claimed that the victim lost control of the weapon at one point, which resulted in a struggle between the two women.

On October 29, 1980, Candy was acquitted of all of the charges brought against her due to her pleas of self-defense.

The Jessica Biel and Melanie Lynskey-led Candy is one of two programs based on the 1980s true-crime story scheduled for release in 2022.