Top 5 Best Smartwatches under ₹15000

Hello friends, many people looking for Smart watch under-150000, which has calling feature and many amazing features and if all the sensors are coming nowadays, then friends, today 5 such smartphones are available.

Top 5 smartwatch brought to you it feels very good to see us try his display better premiums that 15,000 range is quite good If so, it should be premium, it is not that the display looks like crap and after that we see, how many senses are there in it, what you are taking for sports activities, that watch whether I am useful to you or not, after that, we will see That they will see which OS is in it and after that, we will see whether the most important calling feature is there or not and connectivity features also we will see friends first of all the smartwatch in this is the 

Top 5 Best Smartwatches 2021

Samsung Galaxy Active display which is 1.1 inch now you will say man take the display so small And after that, if you see this number top five then first of all Samson has its own brand and after that its display is definitely small, friends, you will see its clear display that you will enjoy seeing, friends, if you talk about 424 PPI pixels per inch display in it, 360 multiple 360 pixels resolution. 

You will get to see which is very amazing, size as the second one, which was named Samsung Gear Sports, that was the first watch, its display was so amazing, forget to see the second watch that we put it at number five, then if Friends, talking about the notification, all the notifications will be available in this alarm weather, you will get all that features like Find My iPhone, you will get to see it, friends, you will also get Bixie-B voice assistant in it,

but how useful is that I have. If used, it is useful but it is not so much response in gear sports if we talk about it, then if we talk about it, then it will work well, then Bixie B already has been very good before, friends talk about sports activity, then all sports activities You will get Samson Health after the most amazing in this, that issue is you are sports-related program or who you are a trainer or should be in health-related, there you will find many programs in it,

you can subscribe this tree is also there It is free and it will help you in your coding, this is the best thing I found in it, friends, so tracking heart rate tracking spo2 sensor will get all the hellu hydrate it will check it only when you check it is not like that That you will keep running that 24×7, then friends, if you talk about the operating system, you will get the Tizen operating system, you will get the Galaxy App Store from where you can download many watch faces, unlimited means

Samsung has many, I use I am very much watching that when you see that there are fewer watch faces there developers keep making many watches faces episode being an amazing fact in Galaxy friends you will get internal 4GB memory in this you will get 768 MB of RAM in it you will get 1.5 gigah You will get the processor of Ritz if friends talk about the senses in it, then there are many sensors here, there is an air pressure sensor, not in it, it is heart rate sensors, SpO2 sensors, I will get everything

between you, here you will not get air processor, friends talk about connectivity So here you can connect with Bluetooth, you will also get to see WiFi in it, friends, you will get GPS Vada GPS GLONASS with it, which is the biggest and amazing thing, I will also get to see Wi-Fi connectivity, if friends here But talk about the battery, there is a 230 mAh battery, the battery is low but the display is also small but here you will get the mic, you will not get the speaker, what does it mean that you can reject the call, you can see the notification, you can not talk to the call That’s why we have placed it at number 14,999, you will get it, friends have placed at number 4 the watch of Oppo,

which was launched and its screen size is 1.6 six inches, it is a little big but here friends you will find its rectangle which watch is she will get butt dudes here But what you will get is 360 pixels, 360 pixels and those who get pixel per inch, it will get 318 PPI. Pixel per inch are second smart, Samsung is much less than the number 5th but it has some things and extras

if friends talk notification You will get all and even you will get speaker and mic so that shell can receive notifications and talk to the speaker then it will run on Google Wear OS and in this you will get 1GB RAM 8GB ROM if talk Do it here that having Google Wear OS is a wonderful thing because Google Wear OS is used by more companies, so the OS which will run more, more apps will be made on it, more watch faces will be made. So that’s why it is kept on No 4, talk about

other’s OS, who use a different OS, then there is a problem there, developers are not there, apps are not available, then one of the most plus points here for Oppo Watch is its advantage. You will get this Google Apps Store from which you can download its app, now you are less here but in the coming time you will get many apps,

friends, if you talk about the senses in it, then in the middle you will get all the sensors, heart rate sensors, etc are included but spo2 center is not here then 1- the point is done if friends talk about connectivity you will get wifi you will get Bluetooth 4.2 is a bit old and GPS that you will get in built-in which is really so you can tracking your friends After the battery do 430 MH that you will get to see the battery here, which is much more than the Samsung from the first watch and it is very important to last for a long time,

so if there were more inches on a few PPI pixels, it would have been better but still, This in itself is another amazing feature in the watch, so it is at number 4 and its price. Also 14,990.

you can check their friends next watch Amazfit GTS 2 We have placed this watch at number third, the screen in it is a 1.65-inch screen is AMOLED screen and which You will get pixels here, that is 454×454 pixels, then pixels are very great for a lot of skin and here you will get 332 pixels per inch, which is a little less than Samsung more than Oppo Watch,

in this feature you talk about notifications, then you will get almost all the notifications. Whether it is on a call or anything else, you will get it and you can also receive the call, it will also get mic and speaker so that you can talk, the speaker of the watch is not so good, it is a better option, in this, you have Amazon Built- If you think that you will get Alexa, then you will update the software with OTA, then you will get it.

if you talk about the sensors here, then you will get all this, this note will get SpO2 will also get a stress sensor. Stress sensor will also be available, heart rate will be available 24×7, friends, you will get 3GB internet with internal memory, which is the os which is Amazfit‘s own watch OS, you will get fewer apps but you will get watch faces, this is the limitation of 3rd party OS That there are fewer apps,

here we friends talk about connectivity, we will get Bluetooth 5.0, and here Wifi will be available with in-built GPS GLONASS, if we talk about the battery, there is a 471 mAh battery which would have been enough for 7 days. It is to run your watch provided you are not using GPS, GPS will be used less, if you use GPS, then you

have to take any of the watching, it should walk around the same day because if you use GPS continuously, then stay The battery takes more GPS, friends, the speaker will go into the mic so that you can use the calling option, friends, its price is kept at ₹ 12990 and you will also get it for ₹ 12299,

. At number 2 it is placed that OnePlus whose display is like It is 1.39 which is circular and whose resolution is for 454 x 454 resolution of the screen which is amazing if you talk about PPI pixels in inches then here 326 which is a little more than the first one there but still here from Samsung But the screen which is less, you will get to see the amazing AMOLED screen here, so friends can do notification notifications here, so friends, if we talk about here, then it is its own mic and speaker will also be available in it. You can talk to RT OS

Oneplus app, you can connect to it, you can install watch faces from the same, all the sensors will be found in this watch, 4Gb internal memory will be available, can keep the music so that you can do what is needed here Still supported with Android-phone, not supported with ios, here you can find Bluetooth, if you talk about sitting, you will also get GPS GLONASS, you will get 420 mAh battery, the battery can last for 15 days, along with this you can listen to music You can control all the music on the watch as much as you can, its price in Rs. 14,999

Kha and who is finally our winner is number one, here a little confusion who should we do big here is the winner that Huawei GT Toubro has a screen size of 1.39 inches which is equal to others MS Word circular friends resolution by 454×454 butt pixel here The introduction is too much, which is six inches, it seems to be a very beautiful display, so it is placed at number one, the bezels are very less, so in the watch you will see Samsung Samsung Villagers here Friends of the Villagers here, you will get all the notifications here.

And the most amazing thing is that you will also get speakers mic, can receive calls, they can talk correctly, which is a good option, stress sensor will also be available here, heart rate will be available 24×7, SPO2 if we talk about 32Mb ram operating system Internal Memory So there is 4GB internal memory which you can use music with, anyone can do this by connecting earphones but internal memory

it will connect with ios and android will get Bluetooth friends matter of battery It has a 455 mAh battery which is approx. It can go on for a couple of days, friends, it is connected even with the app and you can download the face from there, talk about the price, 14990, you will find the links of these things in the description, all this by yourself by going from there. You can check if you want to purchase, but I told you according to this,

Top 5 Best Smartwatches

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