Top 5 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000

These days, so many new headphones have come in the market that you get some features some different features in some, some are good in sound quality, some are good in call quality, then which one should you buy, then this is your confusion. To reduce this, we have tested many Bluetooth earphones and 5 best Bluetooth earphones which offer you best features design, best call quality, best sound quality under 2000. In this article today we will give you 5 such Bluetooth earphones. We are going to tell about which are the best in their price category under ₹ 2000, so let’s start.


JBL 165 BT

So at number 5 we have placed JBL 165 BT of JBL now friends, the most important feature of this phone is here you get the signature sound of JBL which is very amazing, you get punchy bass, clear Travels are available and you can hear a note of sound very clearly and the bass is quite deep here and it sounds very good, friends, in these Bluetooth earphones you have got do you like due to which the sound quality is very good. Isn’t it because of having even call quality, you get to hear very good call quality, friends, there is only one downside of these Bluetooth earphones that you get the battery of A towers here which is very less in this price range? In these earphones, you get the support of the voice assistant system and it supports both the Google Assistant series, so friends, if you can compromise with the battery life, then Tune 165 BT from JBL. It’s about to happen and you must consider it once before you buy any Bluetooth earphones.


Enco M from Oppo 31

Best Bluetooth Earphones

Now at number four such a Bluetooth earphone which was in number two in our last month’s review but due to the launch of some amazing growth phone, it has come at number four and it is Enco M from Oppo 31 If you want a Bluetooth earphone that looks premium and stylish, you get the features absolutely modern, then this earphone is for you. Friends, first of all, you get very good sound quality in these 31, it has very balanced sound and its sound signature is very much liked by the customers personally. With this friends, here you get fast charging, it charges very quickly and also here you get a battery life of approx 12 hours, also friends here you get 9.2 mm dynamic drivers which sound very good And this driver is very good in this price range, together you get the future with noise cancellation at the time of calls, in Oppo Enco M31, so the calls are very good, many people use Bluetooth earphone for calls, then there But you won’t have any problem. Friends, Oppo Enco M31 is a very good Bluetooth earphone at the price of Approx 2000 and you should consider it.


Boat Rockerz 335

Now friends on the third number such Bluetooth earphone which was my favorite for a long time and I have used it for a very long time and it is from the board side Boat Rockerz 335 friends most insane thing Bluetooth earphones here you have approx 30 hours Battery life is available at 70% volume which is very good thing friends in this price range here you get the support of Qualcomm due to which the sound quality of Boat Rockerz 335 is awesome for those who like bass and those who are bass lovers. So it’s amazing because here you get absolutely punchy bass but the bass which is there it doesn’t overpower the sound quality is very good as well as here you get IPX 5 due to which it is water-resistant and also here you get CBC Noise cancellation is also available, due to which the call quality is very good friends, the design of Boat Rockerz 335 is absolutely sporty, so if you go to the gym more, do sports activities, etc. then Boat Rockerz 335 will be a very good choice for you and friends to you Must be considered if your budget approx ₹ 1500.


Noise Flair

Friends, we have placed the Noise Flair Bluetooth earphone on number two recently, now friends, all the tests have been done and I have got very surprising results. Friends, the most insane thing is this is the only earphone phone in this price range, where you get touch control which is It’s amazing and its touch controls work really well. Also, here the company claims that you can get approx 35 and its battery life if you listen to music at approx 70% volume, which is a great thing in this price range if you are concerned about how you get call quality. So here you get environmental nine synthesis, due to which the call quality becomes better, along with here you get IPX 5 rating, so if you do sports activities, etc. then there also you do not need to be afraid and very amazing The thing many of you people ask, tell me where you get call vibration alert, then it is a very good thing that you get the option with Noise Flair to call vibration alert, its pricing is approx 1800 and Noise Flair your price in a full way. And if you are looking for a modern Bluetooth earphone, then you should go towards it completely with your eyes closed.


Oneplus Wireless Z

Lastly, let’s talk about that Bluetooth earphone which is always number one on our list, Oneplus Wireless Z is now the most important reason to keep it at number one, the combination of all the features here is amazing. The design is found which does not fall easily from the ears and it is very unique, along with this here you get 9.2 inc dynamic driver which offers very good sound quality Bass is not too punchy but very well balanced and Here it gets IP55 rating, due to which water and stands, together you get to get a wise charge here, you can get 10 hours of battery life by charging 10 minutes, its battery life lasts 17 hours, overall its build quality is very good Oneplus Wireless Z offer you very good publicity and yes here you will get better sound quality than others but overall you will not find its features in others so it is up to you now which one you choose.

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