Comedian Dave Chappelle attacked in America during show

A famous comedian Dave Chappelle has been attacked on a stand up comedy show on Netflix, according to Hollywood Reporter magazine, he was attacked during a stand up comedy show in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. The comedy festival was taking place at the Hollywood Ball venue in the city.

Comedian Dave Chappelle attacked in America during show
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Comedian Dave Chappelle attacked Video

The video of Dave Chappelle attacked incident of the show is now going viral on social media Twitter, after this attack, Chris Rock asked whether it was Will Smith.

According to the video footage that has surfaced, when David was doing a stand-up comedy show, a stranger from an audience came and attacked David and knocked him to the ground.

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Comedian Dave Chappelle attacked

David was recently facing criticism and protests due to his transphobic joke. The attacker is taken into custody by the show’s security officers and handed over to the Los Angeles Police Department.
As of now no statement has been issued from the police department yet.

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